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Suite of 6 prints with letterpress colophon. Edition size: 10. Sold only as a suite.

From the Colophon:
These prints developed over many years, the images remaining potent and vital in my mind. I have, as usual, tried to show moods or atmospheres, not exact portrayals. I did try for accuracy in color differences of sand and water. Textures and harmonies of water, its’ gesturing and evidence on land, dictated the methods of image-making. Obscurity between the two elements is intentional.

There is another invisible, integral component to all but one of these images - the copper of the printing plates. Etching it to reveal its inner water and earth, or rubbing, caressing it while printing, it is a seductive luxuriant element. Often the copper plates were like collaborators, who helped direct my hand and my mind. The only print not made from copper is Lake Superior - Beach, a carborundum collagraph. Brighton Beach and Agni Beach were printed from copper plus plexiglas plates using the carborundum collagraph technique and drypoint.

Equinox is not the real name of the beach but I named it thus based on the day a friend and I trespassed onto it.

Stinson, a beach in northern California, gets two images because... well, because Stinson is very special.

The slight variation in colors in the two images of Stinson Beach is due to the difference in light and water content of the sand. Portraits on two different days.

Beaches etching carborundum collagraph drypoint Nideggan spitbite soft-ground aquatint Charbonnel
Suite of 6 prints
Etching, Collagraph & Drypoint on Nideggan paper
23.25 x 19.75 inches (bleed prints/ no margins)