Betty Winkler, LCAT, ATR - Paintings, Drawings, Prints

I use and promote creativity as a means of self-awareness, self-expression and as a force of beneficial energy. As both Creative Arts Therapist and printer, I have assisted others to explore their own unique self-expression. These relationships are symbiotic, providing all with insights, inspirations, challenges and connections.

My interests are varied, so too the long view of my visual art. Natural phenomena and human atmospheres have always been inspirations.

Having been an organic minimalist, I evolved into a colorist, harkening to my youthful artistic endeavors. My coined term, “organic minimalist”, I define as using a very limited palette with forms somewhat indistinct &/or edged. Examples include my Meditations and snowrocks series.

Searches for solace and balance interweave with mystery. As with life, I do not intend mystery, yet it inevitably appears. Some things are without conclusion or explanation. This I accept and often welcome. In my creative process, light and/or the space through which light exists are planned, then developed intuitively, often resulting in an appearance of mystery. In tandem with light, darkness is as seductively enigmatic for me. Searching for light, I find great comfort in the shadows.

These and other elements, for me, are energies, ones emitted by certain places and felt by me. Like artists and others, I am a conduit between internal/human and external/environment.

Mandala: Earth 2