Betty Winkler, LCAT, ATR - Paintings, Drawings, Prints

Whirlwind 2
What the national and global situations have been feeling like to me these past 5-6 years. Chaos and subterfuge within constant motion. This mandala was made in late 2020.

As a therapist (LCAT) and general observer of human behaviors, it seems we humans are increasingly internalizing the turmoil of our environments. Homo sapiens develop climate chaos and that chaos becomes mirrored in us.

Seeking order, communication and solace, art-making is a logical forum or modality. We artists have and/or gain control of an artwork (aka our immediate environment) in the process of making it.

Personally, I am not looking to governments or large agencies to reduce or resolve environmental or societal turmoils. I am looking within myself. What do I do daily to reduce my carbon footprint? What so I do daily to help someone else be the person they want to be?

"I believe that art is the only form of activity in which man, as a man, shows himself to be a true individual. And is capable of going beyond the animal state. Because art is an outlet toward regions which are not ruled by time and space." Marcel Duchamp (1956, NBC interview on Art & Dada)